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How to understand and invest in debt mutual funds
Recording of a live webinar conducted on 23rd May, 2020.

They told you liquid funds were safe. They told you debt funds were safer than fixed deposits. What they told you was wrong. There’s risk, reward and all sorts of madness in the world of fixed income.

There’s more money (13 lakh crores) sitting in debt mutual funds than there is in equity mutual funds (12 lakh crores). Most of us know that equity mutual funds are risky or “subject to market risk” as the jingle goes.

But the “safer” variety, debt funds, can often have hidden risks, too much information and terms that confuse you.

You’ll learn a skill or three. It’s not just basic - though we’ll cover the absolute basics too - it will be advanced enough that you’ll be able to tell your friends the YTM isn’t great but you’re taking a directional call on the interest rate cycle. Without having to read a dictionary. We'll cover:

  • Why should you invest in debt mutual funds in the first place?
  • How do bonds, yields and prices work: Demystifying the code-words that stun you.
  • What are the different kinds of debt mutual funds and which type works for which investor?
  • What does a debt mutual fund hold? Find out how to really look at what’s inside your fund.
  • What can a fund invest in and how do you evaluate the quality of the holdings/paper?
  • A look at GSecs, Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposit and the corporate bond market - finding prices and checking for stress in the market?
  • What are some red flags you should look out for?
  • How should I invest? How should I manage the portfolio?
  • Tips and Tricks: NRIs, asset allocation, exit loads etc.

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